We enjoy the opportunity to introduce children and adults to the complexities of modern day local agriculture. We do our best to explain the growing of various crops, starting with Blossom/Bee tours in May and finishing with Pumpkin picking on October 31st each year.

In between, children, students and adults plant pumpkin seeds, pick rhubarb and asparagus, observe animals, pick crops of strawberries, blueberries, summer and fall raspberries, gourds, decorative corn, pie pumpkins and apples. We will provide an agricultural and food experience for children, students and adults alike. Tell us what items on the curriculum you want us to cover on the tour, and we will adapt to meet your needs. Be sure to check out our new Green Energy tour!

Guided Farm Tours for Organized Groups

Can you please fill out and submit our online booking form for pre-school, student, summer camp and adult group tours, or fax in the form to 905-878-4997, or call the Tour Coordinator at 905-878-5807. Thank you.

Spring, Summer or Fall Tour - Choose one or all

Each Tour Includes

1. Field to table explanation of the strawberry, corn, blueberry, raspberry, apple or pumpkin crop. We explain photosynthesis, as well as how honeybees contribute to the growth of fruit and make delicious honey. Various pieces of planting and agricultural equipment are on display. We also have an animal corral that includes chickens, rabbits, goats, sheep and turkeys, always a tour favourite!

2. A wagon ride along strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, flower, decorative corn, pumpkin fields and the orchard to investigate:

    Environment - sources of water; pond, run-off, springs, groundwater
    - how to improve and preserve soil

    Technology - irrigation systems; sprinkler and trickle types
    - Tractors, equipment and tools

    3. Tree Identification - white birch, maple, white ash, pine, spruce, cedar, black walnut, lilac, etc.
    Windbreaks - how they contribute to our crops.
    Tree Vegetation - what grew in this area when First Nations and pioneers settled here.

    4. Other Ammenities:

      Picnic tables - provided by reservation (tented areas in October only)

      Creative playground - for recreation (we also have some open spaces for games)

      Animal Corral - includes goats, sheep, turkeys, chickens and rabbits. The goats are particularly entertaining and vivacious.

      Clean washrooms with flush toilets
      Refreshments - drinks, frozen yoghurt and ice cream (made with our berries!). Adult tours may pre-arrange a BBQ lunch or corn roast (in season) with our Tour Coordinator.

      Winery - adult participants may sample a few of Andrews' award winning wines at Scotch Block Winery, located on the farm, after their tour.

      Haunted Forest and Straw Mountain (Sept. 15 - Oct. 31 only) are especially fun for the kids.

      Lots of lovely spots for a group photo after your tour. The dahlias and sunflowers, as well as the autumn colours are spectacular in the fall!

    Tour Cost

    Educational Assistants are exempt from tour costs (unless below 1:25 ratio). They are welcome to take home the same seeds, plants, fruit and vegetables as all tour participants. Teachers will receive a teacher's kit, packed full of educational materials, for the group to use back in the classroom.
    * Children, students, summer campers, parents/guardians and volunteers are encouraged to fully participate and have a real farm experience. Everyone is expected to pick berries, vegetables and decorative produce or take home the seeds or plants offered during the tour. For this reason, tour costs are the same, regardless of the age or role of the participant. *Please see the booking sheet for more information.

    May 20th - June 15th

    STANDARD PROGRAM $7.00 per person

    Experience a 90-minute, fun-filled program, led by a trained tour guide. Various farm crops are examined, with an emphasis on seeds, plant growth and flowers. The role of bees in crop pollination and honey making will be outlined. This tour includes tasting fresh rhubarb and asparagus. Everyone plants some pumpkin seeds to take home, and receives a strawberry plant for their home garden. All ages enjoy a scenic wagon ride to see the fields, and a visit with our friendly livestock at the animal corral. We also provide participants with a seasonal recipe to test at home.

    SUPER PROGRAM $8.50 per person

    Experience everything outlined in the standard program. In addition, everyone will receive a strawberry, raspberry or blueberry frozen yoghurt or ice cream cone, made with Andrews' berries. (If some of your participants have allergies or dietary restrictions, let our Tour Coordinator know and we will supply a substitute treat).

    Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry Picking - June 15th - Aug 31st

    STANDARD PROGRAM $7.00 per person

    A fun-filled, 90-minute excursion around our scenic farm. Travel to the picking fields on the tractor-drawn wagon to pick the in season berries (strawberries, raspberries or blueberries, depending on what is ripe the day of your visit). Our experienced tour guides will teach participants the proper way to pick the fruit. While touring, we will focus on how and when our many crops grow, ripen and are harvested. Everyone will visit the animal corral to watch the friendly livestock. Seasonal recipes will be provided to all participants.

    SUPER PROGRAM $8.50 per person

    Enjoy everything offered on the standard tour, along with your choice of a strawberry, raspberry or blueberry frozen yoghurt or ice cream, made with Andrews' own fruit. (Please let the Tour Coordinator know ahead of time if a participant will need a substitute due to allergies or dietary restrictions.)

September 1- October 31

    STANDARD PUMPKIN PROGRAM $7.00 per person

    Enjoy the fall colours and a 90-minute tour around our farm, led by a trained tour guide. Participants will see how the final crops of the year have grown and are ready for harvest. Everyone will pick a gourd and a pie pumpkin to take home. Fall raspberries will be sampled up until the first frost. Admire our sunflowers, dahlias and decorative corn while travelling on our tractor drawn wagon. All participants will enjoy visiting the farm animals to see how they've grown. You may also choose to include a trip to our gently haunted forest and straw mountain in your tour. Classroom teachers will receive a Jack-o-lantern for their class. Participants will be supplied with a discount pumpkin coupon, redeemable on a family visit to pick a Jack-O-Lantern


Our trained tour guide will lead a 90-minute tour of Andrews' farm, highlighting the apples in our orchard. Investigate how our crops are growing and ripening. Participants will pick their own apple from the orchard and a gourd right off the vine. Everyone gets a ride on the tractor drawn wagon and visits the friendly livestock at the animal corral. You may also choose to include a trip to our gently haunted forest and straw mountain as part of your tour. Classroom teachers are provided with a Jack-o-lantern and jug of apple cider for their class. All participants receive a discount pumpkin coupon, redeemable on a family visit to pick a Jack-O-Lantern.

SUPER PROGRAM $8.50 per person for both pumpkin and apple tours

Everyone enjoys the standard program, plus picks a cob of decorative corn and receives a small bag of fresh popped popcorn for a snack.


    May 1st - Oct. 31st

    STANDARD PROGRAM $7.00 per person

    This 90-minute tour, led by a trained tour guide, explores renewable energy and energy conservation at Andrews Scenic Acres. Visit our new free standing solar tracking panels where sunlight is converted to electricity and is fed directly into the hydro grid system. At another location our windmill helps aerate the farm pond, keeping our goldfish well supplied with oxygen. Each participant will pick fresh, local produce in season (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, apples, pie pumpkins) and experience the farm fresh taste compared to fruits and vegetables that are not ripe when picked and are shipped thousands of miles before being put on the shelf in the supermarket. Compare the energy saved on pick-your-own food versus imported food when picked for your table. We will also explore how we conserve soil and water at Andrews Scenic Acres.

SUPER PROGRAM $8.50 per person for both pumpkin and apple tours

Can you please fill out and submit our online booking form for pre-school, student, summer camp and adult group tours, email or fax in the form to 905-878-4997 or call the Tour Coordinator at 905-878-5807. Thank you.

OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING TOURS Educational Assistants are exempt from tour costs. If any additional produce is picked by tour participants, the regular farm prices will apply to the additional fruits and vegetables picked.

We accept VISA, MasterCard, Debit, cash and cheques. Please make your cheque payable to Andrews Scenic Acres.

To confirm dates and times please call call (905) 878-5807 or Email

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