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Adults are encouraged to take the same amount of produce as the students as it is paid for.  If additional produce is picked by tour participants, regular  farm prices apply.  To confirm your booking, a $40.00 deposit is required.  In the event of a cancellation, an alternate tour date must be booked or the deposit is non-refundable.  Balance of payment is due at time of arrival.  We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, DEBIT, CASH or CHEQUE (a blank cheque is suggested as numbers are never exact), please make cheque payable to Andrews Scenic Acres. The minimum charge is $100.00 for small classes.
*Please make sure to include your e-mail and school board. Thank you.

No. of Students @    Standard $7.00  = $
No. of Adults @    Standard $7.00  = $
No. of Students @    Super $8.50  = $
No. of Adults @    Super $8.50  = $
Lunch Fac @ $0.50  = $
Unguided: @ $5.00  = $
Note:  Please, please, encourage students to dress for the weather because they are visiting a real farm (think warm & waterproof for fall and hats/sunscreen/water for summer).   If your class prefers a less hectic time, we have fewer bookings during the months of  May, July, Aug. and Sept.  Afternoons are also much quieter.

Take Hwy. 401 to Trafalgar North (Exit 328)
Drive north approximately 7 km to Sideroad #10 (Ashgrove)
Drive west to the farm OR North of 401 on Regional Road #25. Drive east on Road #10

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